Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey We Have A Website! Cool Beans!

Heya! This is DrSunshine, of Yankee Goon scans.

We finally have a website to post all our scanlation links and news and whatnot. Wish us luck! Be aware that we also collaborate with Mahou-X: to bring you six simultaneous chapters at once. We alternate between the two groups, so that's why we only have parts of the manga.

Here's a big-ass list of URLs for you to download from to start with!

YK&MC 72
YK&MC 73
YK&MC 74

YK&MC 78
YK&MC 79
YK&MC 80

YK&MC 84
YK&MC 85
YK&MC 86

YK&MC 90
YK&MC 91
YK&MC 92