(shamelessly copied from Mahou-X)

Why are there 3-chapter gaps in your releases?! Where can I download the rest?
We currently have a joint agreement with another group, Mahou-X, where we each release 3 chapters in alternation.

You can download their chapters at their website, here.

When is the next chapter coming out?
Now that we’ve teamed up with M-X, it looks like you can expect at least six chapters a month at the current rate we’re going, all released roughly around the same time. Of course, this isn’t set in stone either. We don’t have a fixed schedule.

Are you recruiting?
We are always looking for people to help scan, clean, and translate. However, our biggest requirement is that you be reliable. If you want to help clean, you will need to have a reasonably good grasp of Photoshop and be willing to spend lots of time redrawing art, since we translate sound effects as well. This is important: you have to now how to interpolate a little.

What we do is provide you with a list of SFX's used for each chapter, and then it's your job to typeset it and redraw whatever isn't covered up by the text. Basically look at any of our released chapters: we're looking for something that is of that artistic quality. You shouldn't need to send us a test or a proof of your skills: you can look at what we've put out and determine for yourself if you've got the chops. We have faith in you. =)

If you want to help translate, we will usually ask that you try translating one chapter for us as a trial run and that you please send us scripts on time. "Natural English" is preferable, but if you can't translate literally, just add annotations as to the precise meaning of a phrase.

If you can't get us scripts reliably, we won't be harsh, but we'll get someone to cover for you until you come back! But please don't abandon us! Generally we coordinate using Google Wave, so once you join, we will send you an invite so that you can join in our conversations.

In general, we are pretty relaxed about things. Scanlation is a hobby, not a job, so it's not worth getting crazy about. If you're a nice person, and generally don't act like a crazy sperglord, we'll welcome you! Basically the biggest "job requirement" for our group is to have fun scanlating this great manga --- in a timely fashion.

To apply, send us an email and we'll see!

Can I upload your releases to [insert manga sharing website here]?
Go hog wild.