Monday, April 9, 2012

Spin the Bottle: The Manga


I'm not really sure if I myself am totally sold on Yamada-Kun yet. The first chapters didn't have me chortling and choking up with laughter the way the first chapters of YK&MC did -- it doesn't seem quite as "fresh" or "vigorous" as YK&MC, and more oriented towards teen romance and drama, rather than wacky yankee school hijinx.

Still, go over to their site and give Mahou-X credit where it's due. They're doing a great job!

Cleaners. We are looking for some help.

We must all strive together for a great and harmonious manga release.

We need about two people who know their way around photoshop.

The first: Someone who can get rid of sound effects and redraw (to some limited degree, since we'll be covering them with our own anyway) art. Find the "cleaning test" on Mahou-X's website and send your tests in to, please.

The second: Someone who can typeset sound effects. You guys know what we mean. Just look at any one of the last 100 chapters or so and see. There's big ol' sound effects in English everywhere. We need someone who can basically do that.

So yeah, if you're interested in spending a couple hours each week doing some rather tedious photoshop busywork let me know at: It'll be for the COMMON GOOD.

Friday, April 6, 2012



And 169 will follow soon.

Sorry for being so late with this... stuff came up.