Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Gift

Wewt wewt.

I'm 23 today, it was just Memorial Day yesterday, and we have 3 chapters for you (and Mahou-X will probably follow up with the next 3 so it's 6 for you lucky folks!).






I'm in a reflective mood tonight, so I'm going to reflect on what's happened with Yankee Goon since we began to help scanlate this manga. Cue the wavy water transition and the harp sound effect. It seems like forever ago, but we first uploaded our translations with chapter 63, on the 23rd of December, 2009. That's about a year and five months ago. Since then we and Mahou-X have managed to reach chapter 145! That's 82 chapters as of this posting - 82 chapters in 73 weeks, about 1.12 chapters a week. So we do in fact release a bit faster than the weekly chapters!

With the manga ending at 211, that means there's 66 chapters left. And, at a rate of about 1.12 chapters a week, that's about 59 more weeks. Sure it sounds like a lot, but hey, that means you'll have new Yankee-Kun every week (or ... 6 every month, depending on whether or not one group or the other gets tied up in REAL LIFE SHIT), for more than another year or thereabouts. We'll be able to "delay" the "end" of the manga (in English at least) for that long, so that's nice. And considering it was only first picked up for scanlations about a year after it had already been serialized, you really can't fault those of us who picked it up after it had already started.

Anyways, it's been a lot of work, but super rewarding. I'm looking forward to finishing working on YK&MC and to further collaborations with Mahou-X.


EDIT: Shit. I meant to introspect and say profound words about my experience so far as Chief Editor / Head Sorta Guy of YG, but, being a math/science kind of fella I ended up writing a report instead. D:

EDIT2: Woops. Stoichiometry fail. 66 chapters /1.12 chapters/week = 59 weeks. Haha.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Latest Chapter in Chinese

Can any of y'all read Chinese?

Cuz here's the latest chapter that the Chinese scanlators have done.

Spoilers: It looks like a timeskip, and Chiba and Kumagawa have totally gotten together. Yey. :3 And still no Adachi in sight! What the fuck! And why is everyone all like "GYAA" at Shinagawa? Fff, I'm going nuts about this manga ending so soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Apparently, next week will be the last YK&MC EVER.

I'm hoping that it's at least a longer chapter than usual, because there's a shitload of plot threads to tie up.


And they have to fuckin' kiss goddamnit whyyy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sorry About The Delay

But here's Chapter 139.

Again, many apologies to everyone who loves YK&MC, it's near the end of the semester for myself and most of my college-going crew here at Yankee-Goon, and that means FINALS.

It's in Mahou-X's court for now!