Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Latest Chapter in Chinese

Can any of y'all read Chinese?

Cuz here's the latest chapter that the Chinese scanlators have done.

Spoilers: It looks like a timeskip, and Chiba and Kumagawa have totally gotten together. Yey. :3 And still no Adachi in sight! What the fuck! And why is everyone all like "GYAA" at Shinagawa? Fff, I'm going nuts about this manga ending so soon.



    All those kids calling out to Shinagawa from the school building are his students. He became a teacher and he's now teaching at Monshiro.

    I can't believe we're only getting one chapter to resolve all of the Adachi stuff. Goddammit.

  2. Are you guys putting pressure onto yourselves xDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. Do you think this manga might have been forced to end early by its publisher?
    If so, then *sad face*

  4. As a Chinese American who is fluent in Mandarin, I found that chapter okay. The art almost looks kinda off. And one chapter for the Shinagawa x Adachi hints that's been going on since volume one? Come on!

    Also, nothing about Adachi's past? A lot of other things I could go on about... this abrupt ending threw me off.

  5. @Chinese-literate Anon: Would you be interested/able to provide a script for that chapter? I'm thinking about translating these right as they come out, so we can at least get the ending out in English as it comes out.

  6. I can read a moderate amount of Chinese but I refuse to read this and any spoilers until you guys or Mahou or both at the same time release it! I am excited though.

  7. what chapter is this?