Monday, April 9, 2012

Spin the Bottle: The Manga


I'm not really sure if I myself am totally sold on Yamada-Kun yet. The first chapters didn't have me chortling and choking up with laughter the way the first chapters of YK&MC did -- it doesn't seem quite as "fresh" or "vigorous" as YK&MC, and more oriented towards teen romance and drama, rather than wacky yankee school hijinx.

Still, go over to their site and give Mahou-X credit where it's due. They're doing a great job!


  1. I already love Yamada-kun. I'll admit that it hasn't cracked me up as much as YanMega did so early on, but I feel Yoshikawa-sensei's humor all over it.

    Btw, thanks for the recent YanMega releases!! <3

  2. yanmega was roflol during the first few volumes, but the later ones aren't that funny (but still funny) anymore. still, i love yanmega :D

  3. So much kissing in Yamada-kun. None in Yankee-kun! (so far anyways)