Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sorry, 175's been sorta sitting on my computer for a while. No cleaning/translator issues here, I'm solely to blame.

The reason is that I've been intensively writing and researching for my 15-20 page term paper for grad school, which is due on the 13th, so I've had like zero time to do it.

Sorry! This will be sorted out by the time the semester ends, though.


  1. it ain't your fault... A man's gotta do what a man's gonna do, right?

  2. Hope you get a good mark on your term paper with all the extra time you've spent on it!

  3. I'll be waiting as patiently as possible for the release. Thanks for giving us fans a heads up on your status at the moment. You've saved me (and a lot of others too I think) from pulling our hairs out after refreshing your website every five minutes lol. And good luck finishing that paper and hope you'll get what you deserve for all your efforts.

  4. No Problem Man. I mean most of us ARE student. And School/College/University is more important than, Let's just say this manga.