Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Please Rehost, Share, Distribute, Hand Out and Spread YKMC

Let me get things straight: We don't give a fuck about online readers rehosting our scans.

We want you to rehost our scans. We want you to download our zip files and share them among your friends, print them out and hand them out on the street, do whatever you like to distribute and spread them far and wide. Yankee Goon Scans is about releasing this entertaining manga to the masses, and by golly, if the masses want to share it with the world, who are we to stop them?

So don't worry-- get the word out! We're behind you 100%!


  1. Haha i like you guys attitude! It's a refreshing change! Keep up the good work =)

  2. I like the idea of handing out YKMC on the street :3

  3. I like it =))
    Thank for your wonderful, beautiful, maverlous, awsome work.

  4. Anon#3 -- It'd be way better than all those annoying campaign leafleters, UFO conspiracy theorists and crazy cultists!

  5. i totally love this attitude of yours...
    More people should read adachi's crazyness

    Thank you !!!

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e61emHsnl-8&feature=related
    01:38 ~ end
    This should be more like this =))
    And thank you!!!

  7. Well, I can't say for sure for this thing. I'll be really glad to spread your magnificent work around the street, but, well, my heart said that it wouldn't be nice for the Manga Author who doesn't wants his masterpiece is being copied freely without some restraints. Dr. Sunshine, My apologize, at least you shouldn't encouraging them... My apologize again...

  8. God I love that attitude. So tired of annoying fucking groups forcing you to use their reader, putting a password that's hidden in their posts on the archive, or purposely ruining their manga with assinine watermarks because someone uploaded it to mangafox.

  9. Hey there guys. I'm not egging you guys or anything, but seeing as Mahou-x has put out their chapters recently, are there any plans for a special Christmas present for us fans, hint hint? :-)

  10. Ahh, sorry. We've had delays on the scriptural side, but rest assured, we are definitely, definitely getting 161-163 in the pipeline, as we're steadily at work on the sound effects (which take the most time).