Saturday, July 9, 2011


You guys really do deserve an explanation. We're soooooooo late, because a lot of stuff came up at once: cleaners going on vacation all at the same time and starting summer classes, and people disappearing and reappearing left and right.

I really do apologise, but as the editor and not a guy who knows a whole lot about Japanese / has a lot of skill when it comes to redraws, there is not a whole lot I could do.

So sorry. We should get the next chapter or two up in the next week or so.


  1. psshhh take it easy, it's your holiday season right? We're just greedy little Digletts who want your spare time. Thanks for the continued effort!

  2. there's no need for you to apologize when you are a little late in giving us something we enjoy FOR FREE. It's understandable that scanlators/translators/editors etc have real lives as well and it can't be expected that you make a manga your top priority! Take it easy, yours fans won't be going anywhere =P (Also the "greedy little Digletts" comment made the pokefan in me smile proudly)

  3. It's summer goddam.
    GO OUT.

  4. It's cool guys. you're translating for free. you guys should enjoy the summer at least.

  5. please don't apologize. go out and enjoy your summer! :D