Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mahou-X's Got Their Shit Back Together!!! Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov!! :D

We're working on 155-157 as I write this and we ought to release at the end of the coming week. (So give it till next Thursday).

155-- Typeset, SFXed, basically done, waiting on proofreading checks.
156-- Working on SFXs
157-- SFX done, waiting to be typeset.

I want everyone to think of a dance, execute it and then post the results here when we release.


  1. dance - Chinese Lion Dance
    executed - at lion dance training
    result - i already knew it so i guess it went well

    thanks for being speedy =]

  2. Thanks for your hard work ^^

  3. thanks for the hard work

  4. I am so gonna dance the haka while stomping and bellowing my delight and approval of the new chapters :D
    I'm soo looking forward to the next chapters. Man, Shinagawa sure is one of the most lovable harem leads in a manga ever. Even though he's way too oblivious and thick headed, yet the ladies just keep coming ehh?

  5. That's some great news.

    YKTMC is such a good manga, it's nice to know that it hasn't been abandoned. *-*

    Thanks a lot!